Investing in Latin American Real Estate: Exclusive Interview With Tierra Funds

Investing in Latin American Real Estate: Exclusive Interview With Tierra Funds



In a special edition of the Zacks Friday Finish Line, Content Writer Ryan McQueeney and Editor Maddy Johnson are joined by Jamie Anderson, the Managing Principal and co-founder of Tierra Funds LLC.

Tierra Funds rolled out the first ETF that invests solely in real estate investment trusts and real estate operating companies in the Latin American region: Tierra XP Latin America Real Estate (LAREFree Report) .

Mr. Anderson joined the hosts to discuss this burgeoning real estate market, dispel some common misconceptions, and highlight how investors can start cashing in on the sensational growth his firm has identified.

Amongst other things, Mr. Anderson put the spotlight on the economies of Brazil and Mexico, two major players in Latin America real estate. As he points out, the shifting economic makeup and culture of these countries provides an interesting opportunity for investors right now.

Furthermore, Mr. Anderson touched on the Trump administration, which has clearly targeted America’s relationship with Mexico has an area that needs reform. Nevertheless, Tierra Funds thinks that Trump has had much less of an impact on the Mexican real estate market than one might think.

For investors who interested in learning even more about this marker, we urge you to check out Tierra Funds.

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